For this holiday season, we are proud to present:

 Silk Scarf with Natural Dye

Handmade in Yunnan, China

Unique Features

100% silk; 

31 grams; 

Soft & Warm

For all seasons

50cm wide x 200cm long


Color Origin

Caesalpinia wood for red; 

Sawtooth oak nutshells for grey


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We donate 3% of our sales to support girls' education. 

1 Euro=14 notebooks/pencils in Yunnan. Thank you!


Place of origin

Located next to Laos and Myanmar, Yunnan is mysterious, even to Chinese.  People have fantasies about the legendary Dali Kingdom and Shangri-La. Click and explore the birthplace of Tiengol scarves. more


Natural dyed cloth has a history since Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907). Women in Yunnan villages usually have started learning the technique before reaching the age of 10.  more